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Company Information

Harvest IndustrialShenzhenCompany Limited

Company Information and Contact Details

--Business Name: Harvest Industrial (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.

--Business Address: Longgan District, Shenzhen, China

--Contact Phone No: 086-1380883139 Richard Chung Ki Cheung

--E-mail: info@pegasusplusglobal.com

--website: www.pegasusplusglobal.com


Cantact Person

-Richard Chung Ki Cheung, General Manager

Sales Volume and NO. of people employed

--Annual Sales: USD 6.8 million

--Total number of Employees: 21

Company Overview

Harvest Industrial (SZ) Co. Ltd. is considered as one of the leading global supplier distributing the following categories of commodities : consumer

electronics, electronic appliances, housewares & kitchenwares, promotional items, toys, stationery and office supplies, home decorations, 

furniture, sporting and travelling items, cosmetics, food service products, lighting, bags and luggages, storage and seasonal decoration are all 


Background and Development

The first market opportunities for modern design of ceramic tableware occur on a commercial basis beginning in 2015. We began our business in the year and we got substantial amount of business volume increase in the following years, reaching the amount of 5 million in US dollars in exporting business. We are now diversifying the business categories and expanding overseas in Europe and in North America. It is estimated that the sales volume will meet the targeted figure of USD 8 million in the coming financial year.